Orientation Leaders

Anna Becknell
Anna Becknell (she/her) | Class of 2026 | Theatre major

My name is Anna Becknell and I am from Spartanburg, SC! I am a sophomore theatre major with a double minor in business and music. I am a Committee Chair on the OU Programming Board and the VP of the upcoming NAMI club! Fun Fact about me: I play 6 instruments!! I’m so excited to meet all of the new petrels!!

Anthony Allen
Anthony Allen | Class of 2026

I’m Anthony and I am a sophomore. I’m part of Bet on Black, SGA, OU theater and OU singers. My hobbies are photography, gaming, and sports. Fun fact about myself is that I’m an expert cook. One thing I’m most excited about this upcoming school year is making new friends and memories.

Ashlyn Martin
Ashlyn Martin (she/her/hers) | Class of 2025 | Psychology major

I am a psychology student in the class of 2025. I work as a substitute teacher at Oglethorpe Presbyterian Preschool & Kindergarten for all ages. I am currently installed as President of the German Club, the Secretary of Students Today Alumni Tomorrow, a member of Khayos Dance Team, and serving as an Orientation Leader Council Member. In addition, I enjoy spending time with my family, hand embroidery, and reading.

Annabelle English
Belle English (she/her) | Class of 2025 | Business Administration major

My name is Belle and I’m a rising Junior (class of ’25) from Austell, GA majoring in business administration with a focus in analytics and a minor in psych. I’m quite involved on campus, especially in Greek life. I’m a member of a social sorority and currently serve as the president of Panhellenic. On top of that, I’m also the president of the Student Conduct Ambassadors (SCA) and a worker for campus life. A fun fact about me is that I firmly believe goats are my spirit animal. I am so excited to be able to see all the great plans made from last semester in my organizations come to life!

Beyoncá Elias
Beyoncá Elias (she/her) | Class of 2025 | Psychology major

Hey guys! My name’s Beyoncá, a junior Psychology major and Sociology minor at OU! Some fun things about me is that I really enjoy music, am apart of BSC, and am a dancer in and outside of school. I hope I get to know everyone very well and have a great school year!

Blair Barnes
Blair Barnes (he/him) | Class of 2026 | Physics and Engineering track

My name is Blair, and I am a sophomore Physics engineering major from Lawrenceville, Georgia. I am on the baseball team and an Alpha Kappa Psi and Collegiate 100 member. Some fun facts about me are I like learning new languages and playing Wordle and chess. I’m most excited about getting more involved on campus this upcoming school year.

Blessia Carle
Blessia Carle (she/her/hers) | Class of 2026 | Business major

Hi my name is Blessia. I am Sophomore class of 2026. I am from Richmond, Virginia. I am a Business Major and Photography minor. I am the Vice President of Bx3 (Beautiful Black Brains), and I am also a Cheerleader. I am excited about the new opportunities that will present themselves this year.

Borey Wan
Borey Wan (any pronouns) | Class of 2025 | Biology major

I am a Junior Biology major on the pre-med track with concentrations in genetics and developmental biology. I’m from Fayetteville, Ga. I’m a part of a lot of organizations on campus, and I love to write poetry.

Cassie Hoyt
Cassie Hoyt (she/her) | Class of 2026 | Theatre major

Hello! My name is Cassandra Hoyt. I am a sophomore theatre major with a film minor. I am from Rhode Island and on campus I am involved in multiple clubs as well as Programming Board! I am very excited to make more memories on campus.

Chloe Clemensen
Chloe Clemensen (she/her/hers) | Class of 2025 | Communication and Media major

I am a rising junior majoring in Communication and Media! I am a member of German Club, ArtFlow, and Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity. I also work on campus in our Sports information department #GoPetrels. I love vintage fashion, I collect nail polish, and I am very excited for my fall classes and all the opportunities to come in and outside of school!

Dania Hernandez Agui
Dania Hernandez Agui (she/her) | Class of 2026 | Biology major

Hello everyone, my name is Dania! I am going into my sophomore year here at Oglethorpe. I am a Biology major on a pre-dentistry track and I come all the way from Douglasville, GA. Outside of class, some of my favorite things to do are read, listen to music, spend time with my friends and enjoy the beautiful nature campus has to offer!

Dexter Benefield
Dexter Benefield (he/him) | Class of 2025 | Physics major

I’m a Physics major, philosophy minor going into my junior year at OU. I love board games, podcasts, reading and I’m a part of several student organizations on campus.

Ed Moreno-Estrada
Ed Moreno-Estrada (she/her) | Class of 2026 | Communication major

I’m an upcoming sophomore (class of 2026!!). I’m a commuter and a communication major with a track in Public Relations. I’m a part of OU Singers and OU Monarchs as well as (H)OLA. I’m originally from Venezuela but my home is in Raleigh NC! I’m so excited to be an orientation leader this year!

Eli Cousins
Eli Cousins (he/him) | Class of 2026 | Biology major

I’m a sophomore biology major and I’m excited to progress at Oglethorpe. I’ve played hockey for 11 years and I’m a Georgia native.

Erika Zepeda
Erika Zepeda (she/her/hers) | Class of 2026 | Film and Media Studies major

Hi! I am a sophomore, majoring in Film and Media Studies. I am born and raised in Atlanta, more in Da Springs aka, Sandy Springs, GA area. Some hobbies I enjoy are painting and collecting vinyl records. I am also proud to be a part of HOLA, OU Monarchs, and a sister of Tri Sigma. Some fun facts about me is that I have a wide variety of music taste from K-Pop to Corridos, I used to play flag football in high school, and I also love to have a great time singing and dancing to karaoke with my friends. I am most excited about starting internships and possibly looking into leadership roles around campus.

Koko Tete Benissan
Eurudice Tete Benissan | Class of 2026 | Mathematics major

I am a Sophomore. I am a Mathematics major. I am from Togo. I really like to sleep, listening to K-Pop, watching anime, K-dramas, Thai bls and Asian culture as a whole and reading manhwa, wattpad, ao3.

Giovi Hermansyah
Giovi Hermansyah | Class of 2025 | Business Administration major

I am a 3rd-year student at Oglethorpe, a Business Administration major with a Computer Science minor. Part of ASIA and STAT. A fun fact is that I can’t swim! I’m most excited about this fall being my first Fall semester at Oglethorpe.

Grace Januchowski
Grace Januchowski (she/they) | Class of 2026 | Theatre major

My name is Grace Januchowski! I am a sophomore Theater major and I am one of the Theatre Scholars for the class of 2026. I’m from Spartanburg, South Carolina. I am so excited to take the challenging and fun theatre classes I have registered for and to welcome all the new faces on campus!

Hannah Banfiel
Hannah Banfiel (she/her/hers) | Class of 2024 | Communications major

I’m a Senior Communications major with a Photography minor from Hampton, VA, and I’m (mainly) a sports photographer here at Oglethorpe! I’ve been involved in so many things on campus, so don’t be afraid to ask me some questions! I’m most excited to meet all of the incoming students and enjoy my senior year.

James Patrick
James Patrick (he/him) | Class of 2025 | Theatre major

Hello! I’m James and I’m a sophomore theatre major and I’m from Atlanta! I love to play the piano and read (currently reading Harry Potter) and I love to watch Bluey. I’m super excited to continue my theater education and enjoy the adventures along the way!

Jamie Lester
Jamie Lester (she/her) | Class of 2024 | Physics major

Hello! I’m Jamie, a senior Physics major from Thomson, Georgia. I’m on Oglethorpe’s Cross Country team and I’m the Vice President of OUtlet. I love reading and playing Zelda games and I’m excited about making the most of my senior year!

Jariyah Williams
Jariyah Williams (she/her/hers) | Class of 2024 | Theatre major

Hey loves! I am Jariyah Williams! I am a Senior Theatre Major. I am one of two Theatre Scholars, and I am from the Sweet Onion City of Vidalia, GA. I am an actress, dancer, writer, director, and all-around entertainer. When I am not on-stage, I am an avid poetry and music lover. I am also a daycare teacher and University Events Student Worker by day! This school year, I am excited to continue to hone my craft further and push myself as an actress and creator. I also can’t wait to go to study abroad in the spring! Fun fact about me is that I have written a children’s book!

Jason Neeley
Jason Neeley (he/they) | Class of 2026 | Theatre major

Hey! I’m Jason, a sophomore at Oglethorpe studying Theatre. I am from Memphis, and you can usually find me knitting or writing around campus if I’m not hanging around at the hammocks or in Conant. I’m involved in OU’s improv troupe, mOUthing Off. As a fun little greeting some friends on campus sing “Jason Derulo” and I sing their back to them. (Fun fact, I share the same birthday as him as well!) One of the things I’m looking forward to for the upcoming school year, is cultivating spaces where everyone on campus can have a fun time and can make friends outside of classes.

Jose Valtierra
Jose Valtierra (he/him) | Class of 2024 | Business Administration major

I’m studying Business Administration with a minor in psychology & a business analytics certificate

I’m very involved on campus so I’m excited to see this new incoming group of students!

Joseph Bowie
Joseph Bowie (he/him/his) | Class of 2025 | Communication Major

Hi! I’m a junior communications major (with a focus on public relations)! I’m from Roswell, GA, and along with OLM Council, I’m an active member of the OU cheer team and a part of our BSC exec board! I have type 1 diabetes, six siblings (pause for dramatic effect), and my favorite artist is Beyoncé! I am so, so excited to take flight within my new executive positions and help create long lasting memories for all students this year!

Julia Lee
Julia Lee (she/her) | Class of 2027 | Political Science major

Hi Class of ‘27! My name is Julia Lee, and I will be one of your orientation council leaders this fall. I’m a junior and a political science major. I’m from Flowery Branch, GA and I’m so excited to meet you all at orientation!

Kadek Ardana
Kadek Ardana | Class of 2026 | Accounting major

Hello I’m a sophomore accounting student, and I love music! I’m most excited about becoming somewhat of a role model!

Katie Cutts
Katie Cutts (she/they) | Class of 2024 | History major

I’m a senior history major from Avondale Estates, GA (home of the first Waffle House). I’m a member of a number of organizations on campus, including Students Today Alumni Tomorrow, University Singers, Omicron Delta Kappa, Mu Phi Epsilon, and Alpha Psi Omega. I’m excited to share Oglethorpe’s history with the new petrels!

Kennedy Bell
Kennedy Bell | Class of 2025 | Film and Media Studies major

Soon-to-be junior majoring in Film and Media Studios with a double minor in Communications Studies and Writing. I love watching anime and horror movies as a hobby. I’m also interested in anything fiction and gaining new hobbies such as painting, exercising, writing, and etc. I’m most excited about my growth for my remaining years here at Oglethorpe and hope to leave here without any regrets!

Leah Davis
Leah Davis (they/them) | Class of 2025 | Biopsychology major

My name is Leah and I am a junior, class of 2025! My major is Biopsychology, and I am a part of the jazz band and symphony on campus. My hobbies include writing, makeup, and anything comic related. I am excited to meet new people in the new year!

Maria Coles
Maria Coles (she/her) | Class of 2024 | Art History and Studio Art majors

Hi!! I am in the class of 2024, an art history and studio art major! I am born and raised in Atlanta, GA. I love to hike, paint, make ceramics, and garden. I am apart of Petey’s Garden for this growing season, am currently pursuing my honors thesis, and I also am the Programming Board President! I have a cat named Jasmine that I absolutely love, I also love Bob’s Burgers. I’m super excited to meet the incoming freshman!!!

Maro Innocent-Otolo
Maro Otolo (she/her) | Class of 2025 | Communications and Film majors

I am a Communications and Film major. I am a Junior, and I am excited to meet you all!

Naomi Wagner
Naomi Wagner (she/her) | Class of 2025 | Physics and Engineering track

Hey everyone! My name is Naomi, and I am a sophomore at Oglethorpe studying Physics & Engineering. One day I want to be an engineer for Disney. I was born and raised in Columbus Ohio, Go Bucks! I’m a part of Golden Storm soccer team and Planning Committee here at Oglethorpe. I’m also a pre-school music teacher and play trumpet, piano, and ukulele. I am so excited to get to know you all and show you how great our Petrel nest can be!

Neal Nankani
Neal Nankani | Class of 2026 | Physics and Engineering track

Hello My name is Neal Nankani, I’m a physics engineering major and I will be a rising sophomore this fall. I play tennis at OU as well as SGA sophomore senator and president of Oglethorpe 6th man. I am also a member of sigma alpha epsilon fraternity. I’m from Decatur Georgia and some fun things I like to do is hang out with friends and like going to try different restaurants across Atlanta.

Niya Young
Niya Young (she/her) | Class of 2025 | Film major

Hi! I’m Niya. I am film major and class of 2025. I love to write music, tv, and movies. I’m looking forward to all the fun events the next school year has planned!

Rosalia Turnbull
Rosalia Turnbull (she/her) | Class of 2026 | Accounting major

I am a sophomore accounting major from Acworth, Georgia! I am on Programming Board Executive Board, a member of Alpha Sigma Tau and the accounting club!

Sanyia Ross
Sanyia Ross (she/her) | Class of 2025 | Business Administration major

I am a Junior majoring in Business Administration, I founded and am now the president of an organization aimed to uplift and provide a sense of community for women of color called Beautiful Black Brains (Bx3). I am really excited to bring fresh and excited energy to the campus and making it more environmentally friendly!

Savannah Wolfe
Savannah Wolfe (she/her) | Class of 2026 | Management major

Hi! My name is Savannah and I’m a sophomore class of 2026! I’m from Bethlehem, Georgia and I’m a management major. My favorite animal is an opossum and I love diamond painting and have developed somewhat of a Minecraft addiction. I am so excited to meet all our new freshmen and start the new year off with lots of friendly faces!

Sydney Dooley-Smith
Sydney Dooley- Smith (she/her) | Class of 2026 | Communications and Economics Majors

Hello! My name is Sydney! I am a sophomore Communications and Economics double major from Nashville. At Oglethorpe I am a part of Programming Board, National Society of Leadership and Success, and Greek Life! A fun fact about me is that I am learning how to crochet! I am most excited for meeting new people and planning some fun events for PB 🙂

Tatum McBride
Tatum McBride (she/they) | Class of 2026 | Theatre major

I’m Tatum, and I am a sophomore class of 2026. I’m a theatre major here at Oglethorpe University. My hometown is Sanford, Florida, so I am a huge fan of the beach. Some of my hobbies include music, reading, and talking way too much. I’m involved with theatre, Rehearsal Room C, and a few other clubs. What I am most excited about next year is living in the same dorm as all my friends!

Tiana Miller
Tiana Miller (she/her) | Class of 2026 | Studio Art major

Hi everyone! My name is Tiana and I am a junior majoring in Studio Art. I am from Atlanta five minutes away from Oglethorpe and love to write poems, sketch, and be outdoors! I am Nature Club’s President, so check it out if you’re interested! A fun fact about me is that I used to race dirt bikes. I am most excited about making new connections for this upcoming school year.

Toju Okome
Toju Okome | Class of 2026 | Physics and Engineering track

My hometown is Mableton, GA. I am a sophomore, class of 2026, majoring in Physics/ Engineering.

Trinity Chism
Trinity Chism (she/her/hers) | Class of 2024 | Communication and Media Studies major

My name is Trinity J. Chism. I am a rising Senior class of 2024. I am a Communications and Media Studies major, double minor in Sociology and African American Studies. On campus, I am the captain of the Oglethorpe Cheerleading Team, President of Tau Pi Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc, a member of Alpha Kappa Delta Sociology Honor Society and Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity. I am excited to make the most of my last year of undergrad!!!

Zahirah Shipman
Sahirah Shipman (she/her) | Class of 2024

Hello freshies, my name is Z and I am Class of 2024! I’m from Jersey City, New Jersey and I am excited to meet you all! On campus I am involved in the cheer team, C100, VP of Alpha Kappa Psi, PRSSA, and much more. I enjoy exploring the city and finding new places to eat, and doing core papers (sarcasm). I am looking most forward to getting to know you and hopefully we can gallop around the city together and I can get you involved in some clubs